This table is my first test of using automated fabrication systems.  A prototype of sorts. The table is 100% cold rolled 12 gauge steel that I purchased as a 4ft x 8ft sheet.  Using the sheet of steel, a laser to cut out parts, and a welder you get a simply elegant table.


The trick is how to make a material that is just a hair thicker than a nickle to support with confidence the needs and abuse that falls upon a common table.  At the same time the design requires fabrication to efficient to minimize time and cost.  To achieve an efficient structure the table is built up of a “box” frame that connects the top and bottom surfaces of the table top with “flanges” or small beams.  These beams then lock into the top and bottom plates with small tabs that fill slots in the outer plates.  These then are simply tack welded to lock the pieces together.