GoBox is a quick service food facility that is designed to prepare and serve fresh food to a tech savvy clientelle who appreciate a fast and no-nonsense approach to meal delivery. The concept takes full advantage of “smart” devices and is designed to help us eat fresh, healthy food despite a busy lifestyle. GoBox is located where there is a need to serve large groups of “on the go” people wherever they assemble to travel, learn, shop or create.


How it works:
GoBox customers make food and beverage decisions while traveling, at work, simply while on the go. They pre-order via smart devices or online. With memebership payment is taken car of online. The customer is then notified when their food will be ready so they can avoid waiting in long lines during rush periods. Once the customer arrives they can pick up their pre-paid meal in their assigned box, or “GoBox”. This allows the customer to simply grab their meal and go.

Peter Christensen
Jose Vargas
Leigh Okies